Crypto Blacklist 2023

Crypto Blacklist 2023

Crypto Blacklist 2023

The cryptocurrency market is a rapidly growing and evolving space. As with any new and emerging market, there are risks involved. One of the biggest risks is the potential for scams and fraud. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile cryptocurrency scams, resulting in millions of dollars in losses for investors.

To help protect investors, a number of organizations have created cryptocurrency blacklists. These blacklists list cryptocurrency addresses that have been associated with scams or fraud. By checking a cryptocurrency address against a blacklist, investors can help to avoid sending their funds to a scam or fraudulent address.

The Crypto Blacklist 2023 is a comprehensive list of cryptocurrency addresses that have been associated with scams or fraud. The blacklist is updated regularly to ensure that it contains the most up-to-date information.

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, it is important to check the Crypto Blacklist 2023 before sending your funds to any cryptocurrency address. By doing so, you can help to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a scam or fraud.

Here are some of the benefits of using a cryptocurrency blacklist:

  • Protects investors from scams and fraud
  • Helps to keep the cryptocurrency market safe and secure
  • Provides peace of mind for investors

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, I encourage you to check the Crypto Blacklist 2023 before sending your funds to any cryptocurrency address. By doing so, you can help to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a scam or fraud and know how to Avoid Crypto Scam And Recover from Crypto Scams.

Here are some of the companies

247livetrading. com

5cae. com

Accessinvestmentcompany. com


Aieth. net

Aismexks. com

Alephbits (Website Alephbits. com)

Aliextrade (Website aliextrade. com)

Altxchanger. com

Arbitrades (Website Arbitrades. com).

Autoatomictrades. net

Avatradefxs. com

Axemarket. com

Axitrading (Website Axitrading. biz)

Bacznks. com

Berry. im

Bflixce. vip

Bflixce. vip

Bhptrade. com


Bitemus. com

Bitgolddex. com

Bitgolddex. com

Bitonext. com

Bittup24. com

Bluechipsfx. com

Bmgcrypto. us

Bmgcrypto. us

Bitkancx. com

Bitsbay. top

Bit-spacex. com

Cboe. vg

Coinegg. com

Coinfield. com 

Coinivate. net

Coinnew. com

Higcrypto. com

Jbcoin-ex. com

M.coineggwin. Com

Coineggwin. com

Sockeyebits. com

Stakefunds. co

Xedoex. com

Boombrisk. pw

Btc-swap. com

Btc-swap. com

Btinkis. com

Btinkis. com

Bycoin (Website Bycoin. us)

Byxgofficial. com

Cashvilleglobal (Website Cashvilleglobal.c om)

Cinkas. com

Cinkas. com

Cityindextraders (Cityindextraders. com)

Cjarlnls. cc

Clavixbit. com

Clizerix. com

Cnwhjs. cc

Coinace. app

Coinbits. io

coinsamo. com

Coinexe. info

Coinformat (Coinformat. com)

Coinmainvest (Website Coinmainvest. com)

Coinofrepublic. com

Coinplatform. com

Coins-capital. com

Collins-fx. com

Contracts-eth. com

Contracts-eth. com

Creditcoin. cc

Cryptoadvantix. co

Cryptoadvantix. co

Cryptoadvantix. co

Cryptoadvantix. co

Cryptonator(website Cryptonator. com)

Cryptotora. com

Cryptowin. io


DecodeFX Global website DecodeFX. com)

Defi-cbmex. win

Defion. co

Deluxtradex (Website Deluxtradex. com)

Devita. cc

Devita. cc

Digbitcoins. com

DTXcoin. com

Xenontrademkt. com

Ltg-goldrockb. com

Slyag. com

Pro-ladder. com

Vip.utestpro. cc

Bmuaub. vip

Geminipros. xyz

Coinbitset. com

App.abctcko. com

Mctrading. io

Cmeethersscan. com

Alt-mintraders. com

Dycphty. com

Dycphty. com

Edxm. cc

Equitytrades. cc

Eth568. com

Etherscloud. com

Eucins. vip

Eucins. vip

Euhif. top

Exocoin. net

Fameex. com

Fastinvest. com

Fchainz. com

Fchainz. com

FDexohn (Website FDexohn. com)

Fdycrypto. com

Finutrade (Website Finutrade. com)

Fomobits. com

Ftx-sg. net

Futu-coin. net

Futu-coin. net

Gacbtc (app.gacbtc. com)

Gatewoodmini. com

Geminicytd. com

Grcoin. org

H5.u-base. net

Haismexks. com

Hashcrypto. vip

Hashex. cc

Hftx-sg. ne

iCryptolands( Website iCryptolands. ltd)

Idmining. com

Igdexvip. com

Imgur. com

Immediateconnect. org

Immediateconnect. org

Jaxx Liberty(Website Jaxx. io)

Jspnle. top

Kangbohg. com

Kangbohg. com

88bullbridge. com

Ameritforextrade. com

Bitassetz. com

Coinspos. com


Deeland. uk

Premiumbasefx. com

Swisscoininvest. com

Ziluxfund. com

Macznks. com

MatrixEx (Website matrixproq. com)

Maxinvestment-income (Website Maxinvestment-income. com)

Mdfpro. com

MDYScoin(Website MDYScoin. com)

Megamarkets ( Website Megamarkets. com)

Metacade. co

Metacade-platform. com

Metacade-platform. com and Metacade. co

Metapenstock. com

Mobileerc20. com

Moexxec. com

Moexxec. com

Morganfinance. trade

Nc777. vip

Net.ucc2023. com

Nito-exchange. org

Okcokjs. com

Okcokjs. com

Ownbit(Ownbit. link, Ownbit. io)

Oxmek. com

Petroinvest. ltd

Pipsignal. org

Realcryptotraders. com

Rendercoin. net

Rumito. co

Rumito. co

Solanan. top

Sprintercore. com

Stormgain. com

Sundell-fx. com

Teratrade (Website Teratrade. co)

Tgtradem. vip

Tgtradem. vip

Tgxlj. top

Tnmskosme. one

Tnmskosme. one

Tobitzoom. com

Tradbs. com

Tradbs. com


Ueightl. vip

Ufous. cc

Unccoin. best

UpocketEx (website Upocketex. com, Upocketex. net, www.upocketpro. xyz

Upstream-market. com

Usdtan (qy.usdtan. com)

USDTER (Usdter. org)

Uvxvtvcs. vip

Venzalite (Venzalite. com)

Vestasza. com

Wavfx. com

Wiicrypto. com

Wincoining (Wincoining. com)


Xtrade-bank( Xtrade-bank. com)

Zenexes. com

Exness. Pro
Masscoin. cc
Netcoins. com
Defi-y. com 
Bitokc. com
Superbesttradefx. com
Trytrade. com
Togbit. com
Fliqbit. com
Defi.eth-walletebs. net
Mobleaioptions. net
Nobleamm. com
Bcogaxs. vip
Polex-pro. xyz
Okx. com

Fancycrypto. com

Ivoryhash. com

Amgcrypto. com

Bittfinix. com

Happyminer. us

Avorak. ai

Baokaiclub. online

Defitill. com

Bestminers. me

Algohexchain. com

Dbex-global. com

Finixio. com

Aidge. com

Btcboxstore. com

Digitoads. world

Pikamoon. io

7days. finance

Ai TradeMateFX6

Algohexchain. com

Apro3. vip

Arbitrage. com

Biconomynft. is

Bitbinx. com

Bitso-crypto. com

Bittfinix. com

Bloomreach-enhance. com

BlueCapitals. com

Boomlinetrade. com

Bvv. homes

Bzzmining. com

Cmcglobal. com

Coin02. com

Coincity. ws

Coinomi. com

Coinoneusvip. com

Coinoneusvip. com

Cryptex. to

Currentcoins. net

Defi-Zapper. com

Digbitcoins. com

Dualmine. com

Edxm. vip


Encrypuil. com

Fancycrypto. com

Faxxitbto. vip

Fxbullcryptotrading48. online

Geniecapital. net

Gptminers. com


Happyminer. us

Icndjwqu. buzz

Icoin1. com

Income15. club

Iqcryptotrade. com

Iqcryptotrades. com

Ivoryhash. com


Kunkun77. xyz

Lucro-Fx. com

Minelab. ltd

Minersy. com

Miner-us. com

Miningarb. com

Mi-trade. ltd

Nftprox. com

Nicehash. com

Onewiewiex. com

Pikamoon. io

Pipsterevolution. com

Safecrypto-exchange. com

Simplerigs. com

Spreadexfx. com

Startingpoint. vip

Tel-eth. com

Thehashwallet. site


Vipbn. com

Vychexpro. com

Spreadexfx. com

Biconomynft .is


Encrypuil. com

Icndjwqu. buzz

Coinoneusvip. com

Lucro-Fx. com

Bloomreach-enhance. com

Tel-eth. com

Biconomynft. is


Bitarftx. com

Xafexbit. com

Maxusdtdefi. top

Expart-trades. com

Joywealth. com

7online. io

MathWallet. org

Autotradingmasters. live

Ex-pro. shop

Gembtc-a. top

7exchange.lidonft. info

8exchange.lidonft. info

Aancogroup. com

Abninternational1. com


Anonymoustrading. io

Apro3. vip

Avatradeebs. top

Bitkeek. com 

Bitopt. net

Bit-virgo. vip

Blex. io

Btccoinzoom. com

Bybitcoinerxs. com

Bytoblock. com

CoinFexl. com

Coinpx-us. com

Coinpx-us .com

Cointr-pro. com

Dex-fun. top

Easycoin. org

Enkonix-ca. com

Ephij. top

247hournet. com

Axianfx. com

Bibx-lite. com

Btcinge. com

C-ma. cc

Conceptmarkets. pro

Cryptopilot. ai

CryptotexMining. com

Globalabn. com

Ledgx2. com

Magentistrading. com

Novatechfx. com

Platform-uksfcd. com

Poeoibxc. vip

Sundefi. app

Synergyassets. co

Taurusbr. me

Uniperne. org

Xrp.elon-day. site

Ybgcoins. com

Expro. site

GlobalonlineFx. com


Hashshiny. io

Hkbincionpro. top


Ecos. am

Increasehomecryps. com

Investatlas. com


Koterex. com

M.monetaryb. com

Meta-up. co

MEXC. com

Alluretrades. Com

Arasgroups. com

Bitbinx. com

Bitdtcc. com

Bit-hivex. vip

Bitmart-pro. com

Bitmegatraders. com

B-kex. com

Bnb2222. com

Bybitcoinexs. com

Bybitft. com

Coin. com

Coinace. pro

Coincodex. top

Coinfexl. com

Coinhako. com

Digitalassetclaim. com

Dmzdbsx. com

Empathy-ex. com

Gartnerplatforms. com

Happyminer. us

Huibi009. org

Investdigitalfx. com

IQcryptotrades. com

Konohafx. io


Linksnsa. vip

Miamicoin. vip

Monetaryb. com

Nobleamm. com

Osmosisfx. com

Powersbi. com

Praniu. com

Precised-crypto.fxbiq. com

Qfsgesarag. com

Techberry. online

Tobitzoom. com

Tonedypro. com

United-miningpool.c om

Up-coinbit. com

Upliftfxinvest. com

Molpid. com

Pikagrid. com

Planetcrypt. com

Supercryptooption. com

Thehashwallet. site

Topglobalassetmanagers. com

Trade.anonymoustrading. io

Tradeoptical. com

Uniperne. com


V5forex. com

Vableta. com

Vkkcoin. com


If you have been scammed by any of these companies , you can Report your loss at Radleyreclaim, you will be assisted on the next steps to take in getting justice on your loss!

All Comments:

  1. Meag Connoli

    June 2, 2023

    Falling to scam is so embarrasing, couldnt let my kids find out about it and had to find a way to see if I could get anything back. Thankfully I saw a post by and decided to visit their website. It’s going well so far, not sure they will recover all but I already have about $45,000 back in my wallet.

  2. mark

    June 23, 2023

    Investment scams, more than any other, can be hard to spot, so before investing, always seek independent legal advice or financial advice from a registered financial advisor. Report to Sinereclaim they can offer you service recommendations as regards legal advice or be it financial advice. It is left to you to play the cards right.

  3. Jamie Kepm

    September 24, 2023

    I had a terrible experience investing in . I fell for a romance scam on IG. I met a lady who claim to be 24 years old from Japan. We became friends and she lured me into investing in Bmgcrypto. I ended up depositing $87k into this platforms. When it was time to get my profits. I couldn’t withdraw my money not to talk about my investments for 6 months .

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